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Live:Adirondack Mountains of NYS
Favorite TV Shows: M*A*S*H*,The Honeymooners,Fraiser,The Golden Girls,E.L.Raymond among many others!
Interests:Cars,Model cars,My family,Acting,cooking,Pro wrestling.
Favorite actors:Brad Garrett,Alan Alda,Burt Reynolds,Charisma Carpenter,Emeril LaGasse
Foods:Italian,Barbeque,Roast Pork,Hot Dogs,Chinese
Favorite episodes: M*A*S*H*(Abbisinya Henry),Honeymooners (Chef of the future),More when I can think of them.
I met Alan Alda at a mall just outside of D.C. last June.
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Bayside 2! Electric Screechio!
November 29, 30 December 1, 2 Shows at 8 PM! 
An Un-Musical Based on TV's Saved by the Bell!
It's Tacky! It's Wacky! It's Zacky! And You Better Believe There's Gonna Be a Hate Crime! Go Bayside!

New York, NY.  Incredio! Productions, sadly no longer affiliated with Uncle Danny's Cheesecake and  Euthanasia Pet Sitting Service, are regretfully proud to present the sequel nobody asked for to last year's hit off Broadway musical based on TV's beloved Saved By The Bell, BAYSIDE! THE UNMUSICAL! cleverly titled BAYSIDE 2!  ELECTRIC SCREECHIO!  November 29, 30, December 1, 2  at Midway Bar (25 Avenue B Between 2nd and 3rd Street) All tickets are the low low super low cost of $10 and are available for purchase at for the even lower discounted price of $8.  

This year at Bayside High, It's senior cut day and Zack and the gang are busy hatching out a fool proof scheme to save the max!  Kelly is as unsure of her love for Zack as the next time she will get her period! Slater comes to grip with his literacy problem with a little help from Jessie's overzealous love for uppers. All while Screech helps Lisa plan a fashion show that takes an unexpected turn for the worst!  Add in the homosexuality, drug use, and adult content that you've come to expect from Saved by the Bell, and you've got BAYSIDE 2! ELECTRIC SCREECHIO!

Last year, BAYSIDE! brought sold out performances to the now defunct Apocalypse Bar and Grill.  The show obtained  attention from Gawker, NY Daily News, and Michael Musto of the Village Voice  even went so far as to call it a  "formless fantasia of pills, pregnancies, feminism, and homosexuality, with Rachel Witz especially perfect as Screech.”

Don’t miss a chance to see BAYSIDE 2! before it’s banned in all 266 states and several Canadian provinces.  
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Supernatural related fanart

All cuts lead back to my graphics journal.

I made some icons of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. They're all up for grabs.
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I also have some Friends Only banners and Wallpapers. If anybody wants me to add something to them, just ask.

Then there's a very simple header I made. If any of you guys want anything done to it so you can use it, just leave me a comment. I'll customize it any way you want. Header )

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