unoffical boy wonder (concretecutouts) wrote in absolute_tv,
unoffical boy wonder

Introduction Post

Hi, I've read the rules and everything, the community sounds cool, so I thought I'd join! :D

Name: Rachel
Age: 13
Favorite TV show: Probably Mork & Mindy
Why?: C'mon, "nanu-nanu", folks! :D 
Crappiest TV show: The Hills
Why?: It's stupid, whiny, and totally scripted.
How often a week do you watch TV: Usually every day.
Favorite character from a TV show: Mork. 
Favorite sitcom: Mork & Mindy
Favorite Drama: I don't usually watch Soap Operas, but Days of Our Lives is pretty good. 
Favorite Cartoon: The Misadventures of Flapjack
Favorite Channel: Comedy Central
Favorite show not on air anymore: The Andy Milonakis Show
Do you watch Soap Operas?: Not really, but sometimes. 
If so which ones: Days of Our Lives
Favorite Game Show: The Price is Right
Favorite Talk Show: Does The Soup and Dish count?
Do you like reality shows?: If they're actually reality. 
If so what are your favorites: True Life, Made, Shot at Love, real stuff.
If you could recommend one TV show or mini-series which would you recommend: Scrubs. It's hilarious. 
How did you hear about this site: I was looking for Mork & Mindy icons and clicked on the comm link.
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