Catherine (feyfan09) wrote in absolute_tv,

Name: Carrie
Age: 16
Favorite TV show: hmm... so many. I'd narrow it down to 30 Rock and The Mary Tyler Moore Show, although there are several others.
Why? because they're simply genius.
Crappiest TV show: I really hate "Mad TV"
Why? Because it's always compared to SNL. It's not live, though! They make it appear as if it is, because of being filmed in front of a live audience, but A) they do so many retakes and B) it's just not funny in the first place.
How often a week do you watch TV: every day
Favorite character from a TV show: I'd have to say either Mary Richards from TMTMS or Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City
Favorite sitcom: I love The Office, TMTMS, 30 Rock, and Curb Your Enthusiasm, to name a few.
Favorite Drama: probably something more drama-dy like Desperate Housewives or Sex and the City
Favorite Cartoon: i love South Park
Favorite Channel: I enjoy Thursday nights on NBC, but honestly, it really depends.
Favorite show not on air anymore: The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Sex and the City
Do you watch Soap Operas? sometimes
If so which ones: i became totally involved and obsessed with All My Children this winter while procrastinating studying for midterms.
Favorite Game Show: Deal or No Deal is always fun.
Favorite Talk Show: Late Night with Conan O'Brien
Do you like reality shows? No, not really.
If so what are your favorites: I like a few, primarily The Hills and Project Runway
If you could recommend one TV show or mini-series which would you recommend: i can't pick just one. i'd have to say 30 rock and the mary tyler moore show, simply because the first needs more viewers desperately, and the latter is SO overlooked by today's youth.
How did you hear about this site: Interest search on LJ.
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