Mistress of Lostie Island (projectlost) wrote in absolute_tv,
Mistress of Lostie Island

introduction post

Name: Ashley
Age: 22
Favorite TV show: At the moment I'm completely and utterly obsessed with Battlestar Galactica.
Why? Because it's FREAKING AWESOME.
Crappiest TV show: Anything on MTV or VH1 and most reality shows. I like Top Chef, though.
Why? They make me feel homicidal.
How often a week do you watch TV: Every day. More, if you count TV on DVD.
Favorite character from a TV show: At the moment, Kara "Starbuck" Thrace from BSG.
Favorite sitcom: The Office (US) all the way. The only show that has ever been able to make me laugh out loud.
Favorite Drama: Besides BSG (that's still on the air), Lost.
Favorite Cartoon: Chip N' Dale: Rescue Rangers
Favorite Channel: They all kinda suck sometimes.
Favorite show not on air anymore: Veronica Mars, R.I.P.
Do you watch Soap Operas? I used to be addicted to Days of Our Lives, but I kicked the habit.
If so which ones: I also used to watch Sunset Beach and Another World, both of which are off the air now.
Favorite Game Show: I really did like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? because it made me feel smart when I knew the answers. Jeopardy makes me feel stupid.
Favorite Talk Show: Ellen.
Do you like reality shows? Not really, no. But I make exceptions for Top Chef and The Biggest Loser.
If so what are your favorites: See above.
If you could recommend one TV show or mini-series which would you recommend: I can only pick one!?!? Well, it's too late to save Veronica Mars...so I'm going with Battlestar. Seriously, people. AWESOME.
How did you hear about this site: Interest search on LJ.

Click here to go to my journal. I appreciate readers very much, especially ones that comment and make me think about what I write!
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