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05 May 2008 @ 05:49 am
God, I feel like this community was made for me. lol 
I love tv so much. I'm so obsessed you don't even know. With sitcoms mostly. anywayss...

Age: 16
Favorite TV show: (s) Will & Grace, Seinfeld, King of Queens, Frasier. My all time favorites.
Why? They are all so amazing!! I seriously could watch a marathon of any of those shows for hours and hours upon end.
Crappiest TV show: Any of the shit on MTV. The "dating" shows.
Why? It's fake.... and cheesy. and awkward. and yeah, not good.
How often a week do you watch TV: Why everyday, of course.
Favorite character from a TV show: This is SO hard. The first one that comes to mind of course is Karen Walker. BUT I also love Frasier & Niles, Daphne, Carrie, Doug, Seinfeld, Elaine.
Favorite sitcom: :D Already stated about. I couldn't pick just one so I had to narrow it down to those 4.
Favorite Drama: One Tree Hill
Favorite Cartoon: Family Guy
Favorite Channel:  Any low ones that show reruns of the sitcoms, but as far as original programming, I like the VH1 shows, I think they're put together REALLY well.
Favorite show not on air anymore: Arrested Development. God it was amazing.
Do you watch Soap Operas? I sure don't.
If so which ones: 
Favorite Game Show: Match game, the old 70s episodes.
Favorite Talk Show: Ellen & Conan. But Conan wins if I had to pick.
Do you like reality shows? yep.
If so what are your favorites: Big Brother. The Girls Next Door.
If you could recommend one TV show or mini-series which would you recommend: Arrested Development since most people never got the honor of watching it. It really is brilliant and hilarious.
How did you hear about this site: I searched king of queens in interests!

OH and I must add to this: Saturday Night Live is boss.
I'm feeling: cheerfulcheerful